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Shri Velliangiri Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Avan Arulal Avan Thal Paninthu...Shambo mahadeva..

Vellaiangiri Swamigal Jeeva samadhi (Mullakadu,booluvampatti,coimbatore)

vellaiangiri Swamigal jeeva samadhi is located in mullakadu,booluvampatti, coimbatore.

Its 33km from gandhipuram.From vadavalli its 26 km.

It is near by isha yoga center.

After getting aware of swami jeeva samadhi,i decided to visit there and get blessings from swami. It was in my mind from 2 months ,but couldn't get chance.But now i got blessings from him. So i started my journey to swamy's energified place.

I started bike,enjoying beauty of coimbatore's natures and scenary. I reached near isha.

Crossing isha i reached near mullakadu,Its near by Poondi Andavar kovil(Temple),foothill of velliangiri mountains.Around 2kms from Poondi Andavar kovil and Isha center.

So finally reached Velliangiri Swamy jeeva samadhi,very energyfied place.

After end of village fully surrounded by mountain forest,only mud road to reach swamy jeeva samadhi.You can see Jeeva samathi from village ends.

Wonderful view of this place, mind blowing, amazing feeling just by visting this place.Can't express by words.

I was very curious to sit and meditate near swamy's jeeva samathi,but the place was closed.

So i decided to stay there for some time. I bowed down there.Its was an awesome feeling.After taking some videos around the place. I saw a boy from that village ,coming near samadhi.I asked him, when it will open? he said "due to corona it is closed dont know when it will open".The swamy (caretaker of this place) Staying behind this." He showed the place.There is small river behind swamy's jeeva samadhi other side of river there is a place where the caretaker is staying.

I then thought that, it might not be the right time to talk with swami (caretaker).So i decided when the corona issue ends,then will visit again and do meditation.Will ask about velliangiri swamy's life...By his blessing.... Waiting for that day.

Same thing happened with me while writting about Sadai sitthar , i visited at least there 5 times and attended Amavasya Pooja....

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