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Vaasi Yoga

Vasi yogam is a type of pranayama that is more advanced. You're not inhaling via your nose. It's a form of meditative breathing. This is how your breath activates the pineal gland in its early phases. The pineal gland is currently secreting seratonin, a hormone that can both put you to sleep and keep you up.

Everyday activities necessitate the use of both of these senses. The same benefits, however, become disadvantages in the inner practise of yoga and meditation. Spirituality is the victory over sleep and time and space constraints. As a result, as you practise vasi yoga, seratonin secretion decreases and melatonin secretion increases, allowing you to easily enter the inner world.

he world's yoga literature has only gone so far, but Vallalar claims that there is one more stage after which your spirit will start secreting nectar or amrita, and by imbibing this nectar, your physical body will be transformed into a pure body or sutha deha. These, however, are the outcomes of vasi yoga. The procedure should be learned directly from an experienced teacher.

Vaasi Yoga Vs Sea Churning for Nector

Some siddhars said in their books that The Huge Mythological event happened ie churning sea with help of mount Meru,Vasuki serpent,and lord vishnu as Koorma avathar ( Tortoise), and Devas and asuras churning from each end for nector.This event is actually a resembelence of vaasi yoga eg Mount meru is as our stomach,Vasuki as our vaasi means breath,devas and asuras means Ida nad Pingla the right and left breath and Koorma avathar means shusma naadi. By practising vaasi as guided by experienced guru , nector will secrete from inside our body specifically center backside of forehead and above toungue.

Lots of patience and preserverence need to practice vaasi yoga .So first get right guru

As i know you can ask the guru who takes care of jeeva samadhis.

As i mentioned in my previous blog about velliangiri siddhar jeeva samadhi

when i visited there i found notice board mentioned they teach vaasi was last year 2020 but if you visit there you can ask them. Thank you for encouraging me to write a post.

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