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Siddhars are Energy Beings

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Siddhars are the Energy beings who attained siddhis.They controlled their inner energy and used the way they wanted. Made the energy flow through seven divine chakras,for this one need to preserve their energy. This process takes long time ,meditation and patience. In Indian Tradition there more numbers of siddhars are there who attained siddhis.People believe they are still living in around us in many forms. In simple word they have knowledge how to seperate inner energy from physical body. Its all about finding inner SHIVA.

This was initially started by Shiva the Adhiyogi. No body know where he came from.He is the first energy being,siddhar,yogi,guru.From Shiva to saptarishis or saptamunis ,from them to their disciples.Siddhars are basically a scientist in all field.This is huge topic as all siddhars have their own mastery over things.

Talking about siddhars are always exciting.This Blog is all about Energy beings ,siddhars.Still there are numbers of Siddhars or Energy being who are living in human forms.There are Jeeva samadhis where they leaved their phyisical body.Jeeva samadhi is where they seperated their Energy from body through chakras.One can still feel their energy there.Its said that you can only visit their Jeeva samadhi or see living Siddhar if its their wish.

So if you have any chance see siddhars or visit Jeeva samadhi dont miss it.Siddhars know what are you goining through you need not to say any thing just blessing is more than enough. In Jeeva samadhi one should sit calm with closed eyes and feel the energy vibration flowing through.

There many reference in Tamil and many Indian literature and historic books about siddhars or Rishis.18 sitthars and Saptarishis are most common words as indian we heard.There famous place where sitthar(siddhar) resides in many form or formless.Like himalayas, kailash,Thiruvannamalai(Thiru Annamalai),Sathuragiri,there are many places.Here we will explore the places as much as possible......

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