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Sadai siddhar (Maruthamalai,coimbatore)

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Avan Arulal Avan Thal Paninthu..Om Nama shiva .... Shambo Mahadeva..

Sadai siddhar.(Maruthamalai,coimbatore)

My journey starts from foothill of Maruthamalai located in wonderful and divineful coimbatore .Where lord Muruga Resides on top of hill,the gift of nature.

Sadai siddhar jeeva samadhi located in foothill of Maruthamalai,coimbatore.Its aroung 13km from Gandhipuram.6km from vadavalli.

Crossing bharathiyar university,coimbatore.Maruthamalai murugan kovil(temple) view from road, reaching maruthamalai.

If you're residing in coimbatore ,it is easy to visit here.Devottees coming from out of station,there lodges,rooms to stay and hotels .(covid lockdown may affect).Just google some lodges hotel, get contact number ask them about the scenario.

once we reach here you can find valliamman temple.Rights side of Valliamman kovil(temple) we can see way not road.It will take you to sadai siddhar jeeva samadhi(samathi).

besides valliamman kovil(temple).Way to sadai siddhar jeeva samadhi.

Left side of entrance we can see Ganapathi kovil(temple),vinayagay kovil,Right side Dhyana Mandapam which has photo and idol of sadai sidhhar(sitthar) are there.Behind vinayagar temple we can see Naga deivam idol(snake gods).From there we can see Naga Valli Amman temple.

Sadai siddhar jeeva samadhi is just near by Amman temple.

Shiva lingam is placed above sadai siddhar jeeva samadhi.All Tamil sitthar jeeva samathi has shiva lingam.What is the secret behind this?(Sitthar Ragasiyam)

Went 3 times when i came to know about jeeva samadhi of sadai siddhar,i was very excited to go there.Its their blessing that i entered holy energy premises of sadai siddhar.Shishya (disciple) of Sitthar who take care this place with his wife,he was with his guru sadai siddhar for 40 t0 50 years,he is also a siddha practioner.Whenever i go there,they always welcomes with kindness.

There is curiosity in every person those who are into spritual way or want know about the mystery of siddhar life,or want to feel the positive energy to know more about siddhars and miracle.

Same curiosity ignited in me so decided to asked caretaker of the jeeva samadhi about sadai siddhar.I asked him when did swami leaved his physical body and attained samadhi?

He said......its 44 years ago.Swami sadai sitthar is from thanjore,he came to coimbatore 100 years ago.Famous for his siddha medicine knowledge,he also a siddha practioner.Madurai sangam gave him title of siddhar (sitthar).He lived over 200 years (220 years).He looked like young as 16 years old when he decided to leave his biological body and attained samathi state.

Once the incident happened in salem ,swamy decided to go to samathi state for 48 days,so ground was dug size 12*12.Swamy went inside and he was in samathi state.After 48 days (1 mandalam) when people opened samathi he was sitting calm smile on his face.

It is said that,Sadai sitthar(siddhar) have acheived siddi kanda siddhi yogam,means free from all disease,ageing or any kind of issues that effects human life. He added, Swamy can seperate his body into pieces and join them. As he attained siddhi.

Swamy have given supprt for work of Salem Kanjan Malai Murugan kovil (temple), also called sitthar (siddhar) kovil.Apart from this he has given support in any forms for temples throughout tamilnadu.

By visiting and sitting there itself a wonderful thing to do.As it is foothill of Maruthamalai.

It is said that visiting Shiva temple and Siddhars living place or jeeva samathi is only possible when they wish.Without their blessing we cannot even think about it.

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